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Microlands: The Future of Life on Earth (and why it’s smaller than you think)
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Co-authored by J. Craig Venter
“An epic travelogue, brimming with the excitement of discovery.” – Siddhartha Mukherjee, The Emperor of All Maladies

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Climate Change and the Microbiome of Earth – Vanity Fair
Carbon Is Altering the Fabric of Life on Earth – Scientific American

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“Innovation can only occur where you can breathe free.”
Joe Biden
“Innovation is serendipity…”
Tim Berners-Lee

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Book: Talking to Robots, Tales from Our Human-Robot Futures (Dutton/Penguin, out in 2019)

Book: When I’m 164: The science of radical life extension and what happens if it succeeds (TED)

Interview with Vinod Khosla and Dean Ornish on “The future of humans technology” (Arc Fusion Dinner)


The Next Best Version of Me

MIT Technology Review
Can AI Keep You Healthy?

MIT Technology Review
Poll on Human Enhancement Shows Divided Public
How far would you go to make yourself “better”?

The Daily Beast
Silicon Valley, Wake Up! Trump Matters
December 10, 2016
Does it matter that armies of Americans are not sharing the tech-progressive dream right now?

The Daily Beast
The Irony of the Dispossessed: Why Is the World so Angry?


The Next Edward Snowden Will Be a Geneticist

New York Times

Should Science Build a Better You?


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David Hosts “Reimagining Humans” for Arc Fusion

On November 1, 2016, 200 people in SF’s Exploratorium watched conversations from scientists talking about genomics, the brain, the microbiome, longevity, and… – more

David and IDEO’s Bruce MacGregor present Arc + IDEO report on A.I. & Health

For six months Arc Fusion and IDEO have been working on a “framework for the future” on this emerging technology… – more

David Joins IDEO as Health Strategist in Residence
David is working with IDEO in Palo Alto as a part-time “Health Strategist-in-Residence”… more

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