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A Sampling of about 30 segments that started in 1983 (before audiofiles were posted on the Internet(!)

Morning Edition
Discovering the Pollution Within Our Bodies

September 19, 2006
We live in a world full of toxins. Science writer David Ewing Duncan set out to find out just how polluted his own body was – and where the chemicals came from. He writes about the results in the October issue of National Geographic.

Morning Edition
Thinking Is Doing With Cyborg Technology

by David Ewing Duncan
March 14, 2005
Scientists make it possible for quadriplegics to control a television, play simple computer games and check e-mail…by just thinking about it. Commentator David Ewing Duncan contemplates the age of the neuro-cyborg.

Morning Edition
Full DNA Rundown Can Predict Future Health

October 28, 2002
Commentator David Ewing Duncan has become the first human to be screened for almost all known genetic disorders. A biotech company trying out its new genetic testing kits, put David through a day's worth of examinations, charting most of his DNA maladies. While some critics are suspicious of the new procedures and others worry about a future of genetic discrimination, David found that he might fend of a number of diseases despite his DNA's predisposition toward a range of illnesses.

Morning Edition
Commentary: 'Godsend'

April 20, 2004
Commentator David Ewing Duncan sees dangerous potential in a new movie about cloning. Godsend arrives in theaters at the end of April.

Morning Edition
Reflecting on the International AIDS Conference

July 14, 2000
Commentator David Ewing Duncan reflects on his attendance at the thirteenth International AIDS Conference.

Morning Edition
San Francisco Bust

June 14, 2001
Commentator David Ewing Duncan says the demise of the dot-com goldrush is giving the poets, immigrants and widows the chance to take back the Mission District of San Francisco.

Morning Edition
Author Examines the Lives of Pioneering Geneticists

June 23, 2005
Science writer David Ewing Duncan talks about his new book profiling some of the most prominent scientists working today, The Geneticist who Played Hoops With My DNA and Other Masterminds from the Frontiers of Biotech.

All Things Considered
My Life As A Human Guinea Pig

March 21, 2009
David Ewing Duncan decided to subject himself to more than 200 physical and mental tests — not just for fun, but to write a book about his experience. It's called Experimental Man. Duncan talks with host Jacki Lyden about how close we are to a future where tests can predict our precise risk for developing illness.

All Things Considered
World Calendars

April 11, 1999
NPR's Daniel Zwerdling talks with David Ewing Duncan, author of Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year. Duncan says that even though many people are fixated on the dawning of the next millenium, the year 2000 has in fact very little inherent importance. There are scores of other calendars in the world which are just as valid as the Gregorian calendar and for them, the second millenium came and went a long time ago.

All Things Considered
Calendar Reform

July 14, 1998
Robert talks with David Duncan Ewing, author of "Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year." Duncan explains the difficult transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. It took several centuries after the Vatican decreed the use of a new calendar before the rest of non-Catholic Europe followed suit. Note: Calendar is published by Bard Books.

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