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Talking to Robots: Tales from Our Human Robot Futures (Dutton-Penguin)

Talking to Robots: Tales from Our Human Robot Futures (Dutton-Penguin)

Out on July 16, 2019 – Preorder Now!

From the Publisher:

Award-winning journalist David Ewing Duncan considers 24 visions of possible Human-Robot Futures—Incredible scenarios from Teddy Bots to Warrior Bots, and Politician Bots to Sex Bots—Grounded in real technologies and possibilities and inspired by our imagination.

WHAT ROBOTS AND A.I. SYSTEMS ARE BEING BUILT AND IMAGINED RIGHT NOW? What do they say about us, their creators? Will they usher in a fantastic new future, or destroy us? What do some of our greatest thinkers, from physicist Brian Greene and futurist Kevin Kelly to inventor Dean Kamen, geneticist George Church, and filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, anticipate about our human-robot future? For even as robots and A.I. intrigue us and make us anxious about the future, our fascination with robots has always been about more than the potential of the technology–it’s also about what robots tell us about being human.

Selected Reviews and Comments

“This book is a brilliant chronicle of encounters with our future selves,  even as we already experience the vertigo of changing. Drawn from real conversations with living visionaries, Duncan takes us to the crossroads of the inevitable merging of human and machine. Splendidly written, passionately argued, and well-researched, this book is a divination tool for the arrival of either the utopia or the apocalypse.” — Andrei Codrescu is author of “No Time Like Now: New Poems” (2019) and “Raised by Puppets Only to Be Killed by Research: essays from NPR” (2000)