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This column starts with a deceptively simple question being asked to interesting people about the future:
What are you most excited about and most afraid of for the future, and why?

When the Future Was Fab
By David Ewing Duncan
February 13, 2024

Kevin Kelly is known by millions as an oracle of optimism. But what he really believes is far more interesting and critical for our times, and for the future.

You Say You Want a (Healthcare) Revolution?
By David Ewing Duncan
March 8, 2024

Susannah Fox wants to take back healthcare for patients in her new book, Rebel Health—a review and Q&A with the author.

A Paraplegic Walks into the Future
By David Ewing Duncan
Coming Soon

Hybrid robot-humans are here: assisting the disabled and raising the possibility of exoskeleton enhancement for everyone.

Look for the column coming out every few days.